​Research Payments ​​​​​System
The First and Main System for Research Payments

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پیغام شما با موفقیت ارسال شد.

$REC Token Pre Sell is LIVE

Total Token for Pre-Sell: 2500000 $REC
Price Pre- Sell: 1 $REC ~ 0.0034 $TRX
Minimum Buy: 14705$REC ~ 50$TRX
Upcoming Exchange: Azbit

Send 50 $TRX to get 14705 $REC
Send 100 $TRX to get 29411 
Send 200 $TRX to get 58823 $REC
Send 500 $TRX to get 147058 $REC
Send 1000 $TRX to get 294 117 $REC

$TRX Address(Issuer)

After sending TRX, send us the address of TRON Wallet and contact our support.

Pre -sell

2021- April 21