​Research Payments ​​​​​System
The First and Main System for Research Payments
Developed countries have an organic research system that shows a kind of continuous link between economic, social and cultural policies with research policies. In contrast, developing countries have a mosaic research system. And we see in these countries the lack of organic connection of these elements in the heart of the research system. In the development strategy of any society, the research and development strategy lies at its heart. If countries want to achieve economic and social development, it must properly understand the relationship between research systems and the socio-economic system and balance the process of comprehensive development of its society with careful and necessary planning.
Looking at research from three perspectives is important and has a special place:
Economic importance of research
The role of research in the national security of countries
The role of research from a cultural perspective
International research payments with PayPal are possible but limited. Accordingly, universities need a standard system that can be used in research payments, so the initial idea of designing a Research Payments System (Repaysystem) was raised, and it is hoped that research centers and universities around the world can use this system for their research payments.

Initial idea of Research Payments System​​​​​​​

Goals of Repaysystem​​​​​​​

- Presentation a Research Payments System internationally.
- Standardization of Research Payments
- Integration of Research Payments in a system

Good News for all Researchers and $RECOIN  Holders  Congratulations

Good News for all Researchers and $RECOIN  Holders  Congratulations

Good News for all Researchers and $RECOIN  Holders  Congratulations

Types of Research Payments

- Research Grants
- Subscription Fee to Subscribe to Download Websites
- Buy Books From International Fairs
- Annual Subscription Fee for Scientific Journals
- Consulting Fees 
- Patents and Innovations 
- Writing of Research Proposals
- Writing Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations
- Printing and Publishing of Books
- Prizes for Participating in Festivals
- Designing Research Questionnaires
- Participation in Conferences and Seminars
- Magazine and Journals Judging Fee

Research Products

The First and Main System Proposed for Research Payments in Universities​​​​​​​

Research Services

Awarding a Research Grant
Awarding a
Research Grants to Research Institutes and Companies and Knowledge Base, Professors, Students and Academics

Consulting and Guidance of  Research 
Consulting and Guidance of Dissertations, Thesis, Articles, Boooks, Research Projects

Teaching of Research Methods
Teaching of Research Methods to Students and Researchers

Publication of Books about Research
Compilation of Books related to Research Methods in all Sciences

Credit Cards
Selling a special credit card of research services for students and researchers

Future Programs of Repaysystem​​​​​​​

Research Credit Cards
​​​​​​​In the initial program of the system, we have designed only one credit card to pay for all research services, but in the future programs of Repaysystem, we are looking to make special credit cards for each research service separately.

Research Wallet
One of the most important programs of Repaysystem is making a wallet(Rese Wallet) for storing research tokens of BSC network. One of the most important features of this wallet is the ability to staking tokens.

Pose Machine for Research Payment Tokens
This Pose Machine covers all the ciphers of BSC network (and in particular $RECOIN) and can be used to pay for research services in educational, research institutes and universities.

Repaysystem Exchange
Repaysystem Centralized Exchange is a type of online trading platform and the most common type of exchange for buying and selling BSC network tokens.

Repaysystem Academy
The purpose of this academy is to hold applied skills courses in the fields of research methods  and empowerment of graduate students and faculty members around the world.

Journal of Research Methodology ​​​​​​​Tis Journal is published by Repaysystem as the first specialized journal in the field of science methodology.

International Network of Repaysystem Researchers
​​​​​​​In order to interact in advancing the goals of

To promote Research Activities and Programs in Universities, Research Payments System has introduced a token on the Binance Smart Chain called $RECOIN. $RECOIN is a Research-Centered and Community-Centered Token and is a token for Research Services Payment. This token is the first Token to be created in the field Research and is known as the Digital Asset of Research Payments System.
This token is a Utility Token and represents the assets of the Research Payments System and has a Currency Value Therefore, it can be considered a Currency Token This token is used as a method to pay and store value and is needed for Researchers, Students, Research Institutes, Universities, Technology Companies, Investors, etc. To access Research Services
This token can also be considered a type of Valuable Token. In addition to the fact that it can be used to purchase Research Services, it can also be expected to return on investment and profit by maintaining it and buying and selling it. Therefore, this token is known as a smart investment contract and has the potential to earn a profit and income. This token can be considered as an Asset Token and is known as a digital asset of Research Payments System.
This token can be used to encourage researchers to carry out research activities, so it can be considered a Reward Token.
Finally, the this token is a type of investment contract with passive income potential and can be used in various forms (earning profit by holding tokens, Staking, Investing or performing Mining operations, etc.) to make a profit. Therefore, it can be considered a Dividend Token.

Definition and Nature

$RECOIN  Sponsors and Users, is consisting of:
- Researchers
- Universities
- Master's and Doctoral Students
- University Professors
- Research Institutes and Companies
- Knowledge-Based and Technology Companies
- Traders and Investors in Digital Currencies.



Distribution and Supply 


$RECOIN Details

Listed Exchanges

2021 September

2021 October




Development Team


Dr. E.L.W
- Chief Executive Officer
- PHD in Entrepreneurship

Dr. O. V
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Management

Dr. K. S
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Research Methods

Dr. A. J. F
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Programming

Dr. P.J
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Research Methodology

Dr. A.T.P
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Research Methodology

Dr. K. D
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Sociology

Dr. M. T.B
- Research Consultant
- PHD in Psychology

Technical Team

Engineer. A.S
- Blockchain Programmer

Engineer. I. F
- Chief Technology Officer

- Advertise Manager

Engineer. O.R
- Financial Markets Analyst


Scientific Partners

Crypto Supporters Club

Network of Research In Tron

Trading Intelligence System

Crypto Research

​​University Payments System

Technical Partners




✓Initial idea of designing a Research Payments System 
✓Business Plan Writing
✓creating of Social Network: Gmail / Telegram (Group, Channel) / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Medium/ Reddit/ (Complete)/ Website (In progress)

2020 September- 2021 March



2021 June​

✓Creating of $RECOIN and Record in Binance Smart Chain
✓ White Paper Writing

2021 July​

✓Build an Airdrop Bot
✓ 500 Holder
✓ Airdrop Schedule
✓ Liquidity Lock on Pancake Swap
✓Helping to Researchers (Research Grant)

2021 August​

✓ 1000 Holder
✓Helping   to Universities
✓Liquidity Lock on BiSwap
✓Listing in Exchange

2021 September

✓ 1500 Holder
✓Helping to Researchers
✓Helping to Universities
✓Listing in Exchange

2021 October

✓ 2000 Holder
✓Helping to Researchers
✓Helping to Universities
✓Listing on Atomic Wallet
✓Listing in Exchange

✓ 3000 Holder
✓Creation of an Application about Research Payment Systems
✓Add $RECOIN Referral Program
✓Listing in Exchange

2021 November

✓ 4000 Holder
✓Publishing a Scientific Journal about Research Methodology

2021 December

2022 March​​​​​​​

✓ 10000 Holder
✓Helping to Researchers
✓Helping to Universities
✓Helping to Innovation and Invention in Repaysystem
✓Designing of Credit Cards

2022 January - February​​​​​​​

✓ 5000 Holder
✓Establishment of Research Methodology Academy
✓Helping to Innovation and Invention in Repaysystem
✓Airdrop Schedule

2022 April

✓ 15000  Holder
✓Helping to Innovation and Invention in Repaysystem
✓ Listing in Exchange

2022 May- June

✓ 20000 Holder
✓Helping to Researchers
✓Helping to Universities
✓Creation a Wallet

✓ 50000 Holder
✓Helping to Researcher Helping to Universities
✓Helping to Innovation and Invention in Repaysystem
✓Establishment a Exchange

2022 July-August​​​​​​​

✓ 100000  Holder
✓Listing in Exchange

2022 September-October​​​​​​​

2022 December

✓Making a special Pose machine for Research Payment Token

2022 November

✓ 200000 Holder
✓Establishment a Exchange